Issues with Nissan EGR Cooler corroded or split and leaking coolant

Effected Vehicles:

  • Nissan Navara D22 and D40 with 2.5 Turbo Diesel Engine YD25DDTI
  • Nissan Pathfinder R51 with Turbo Diesel Engine YD25DDTI 2.5

There are more and more issues with the EGR coolers in the YD25 Nissan engines. The EGR coolers suffer from coolant leaks due to corrosion or split. This is due to the high temperature of the exhaust/EGR system the coolant loss is usually undetected as the coolant evaporates, rather than leaving a visible puddle of coolant on the ground. So if the cooling system goes unchecked the engine will run dry and may cause overheating and then require major engine repairs.

To fix the leaking EGR problem, some people elect to carry out a bypass of the EGR system. This is done by disconnecting the coolant flow to the EGR cooler and using blanking plates on both the exhaust and inlet manifold.  It seems from all reports that this is an effective fix however Auto Stop Mechanical Repairs doesn’t recommend this because removing the EGR will alter the vehicle’s emissions levels and render the vehicle unroadworthy.

Auto Stop Mechanical suggest that by simply checking the coolant levels regularly. If you notice a drop in the coolant level, then get the cooling system checked, including checking for stains around the EGR pipe and cooler area.

It is important to catch the problem early and rectifying the issue, as this can save you thousands in engine or cylinder head repairs if the engine overheats.  If you suspect leaking of the EGR cooler, give us a call, we will check the cooling system and put your mind at ease.

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