Save Money & the Enviroment

Tucked away in the engine management system of modern vehicles is the Oxygen Sensor.Savings at the petrol bowser This small electronic device is designed to detect and measure the amount of oxygen being expelled in your exhaust. This information is used to automatically adjust the air fuel mixture to ensure your vehicle is performing at peak efficiency.

Too much oxygen in the exhaust gas indicates a lean mixture which can cause performance problems, including misfires that lead to engine component damage. Too little oxygen indicates an overly rich mixture, which wastes fuel and results in excess exhaust emissions and potential expensive damage to the Catalytic Converter.

Due to its location in the exhaust manifold, the sensor is exposed to extremely harsh conditions and carbon, soot, harmful gases, anti-freeze, chemicals and thermal shock can all combine to shorten the life of an Oxygen Sensor. An Oxygen Sensor in poor condition results in poor engine performance. Just like a spark plug or oil, Oxygen Sensor are a service item and needs replacing at regular intervals.

Repco Authorised Service mechanics can check the operation of the Oxygen Sensor as part of a routine service. We recommend and fit high quality NTK Oxygen Sensors