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Our Eastern Gift to you is aDon't chance it have it cheked

Safe T Stop Test is a dynamic test of your steering, brakes and suspension with an easy to understand graphical report, showing your vehicles alignment (steering), also showing how effective each brake works including your hand brake (emergency brake).

Plus a graphical report showing how each shock absorber & spring responds when used.

All these dynamic tests show how safe your car will be when you need effective brakes, suspension and steering. Having good steering and suspension can also improve your fuel, efficiency and tyre life.

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Auto Facts about Spark Plugs

Here is a short Repco Service Auto Facts video about your cars engines spark plugs.

Spark plugs maintenance and the choice of spark plugs can;

  • Improve the way your cars drives, giving better acceleration and more power.
  • Improves fuel efficiency, costing you less at the petrol bowser
  • Reduces hard starting, surging, engine misfiring & running rough.
  • Poor spark from spark plugs increases the amount of unburnt fuel in the exhaust that can shorten the life of exhaust components like your catalytic converter.
  • Unburnt fuel can also thin engine oil, reducing the engine protection the oil is suppose to give.

Regular scheduled vehicle servicing can save you money with improved fuel economy and reduce the need to replace other car components sooner than required.

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Electric Power Steering Knock

Electric Power Steering issue on Hyundai 2009 with 60,000kmHyundai i30

Recently we had a customer come in, frustrated that they had been to 4 other workshops to fix the knock in the steering. The knock was present when you turn the steering wheel from left to right or right to left. The car owner either didn’t receive a convincing explanation or a solution from the other mechanics or the other repairs didn’t know or want to know about the issue the car was having.

Vehicle – Hyundai i30 2009 model, which had done 60,000km

Fault – The steering had a noticeable knocking when turning left and right, you could feel it through the steering column.

Cause – The flexible coupling within the electronic power steering motor has completely failed and was causing slop in the motor.

Remedy – Removed dash panels, removed steering column assembly. Dismantled the power steer motor assembly, replaced the coupling and reassembled steering column in vehicle.

Hyundai i30 steering coupling


Time – The total job takes approx 3 hours

Note – This is a common problem and parts to repair are readily available.

Caution – As a vehicle’s steering is a very important part of a vehicle & can cause huge safety issues if not done properly, it is recommended;

  • Get this problem fixed as soon as you notice any noise or excessive movement.
  • Do NOT try and do this yourself, get it done by a professional Auto Technician like the team at Auto Stop Mechanical Repairs.


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Hyundai i30 removal of steering column assembly

Hyundai i30 steering column removed


Hyundai i30 electric power steering column assembly

Hyundai i30 steering assy


Hyundai i30 electric power steering motor dismantled

Hyundai i30 steering motor dismantled




Timing Belt Failure an Expensive Lesson

The importance to replace the timing belt as a complete kit.

This was an expensive lesson to the owner of this vehicle, with the timing belt failing has caused extensive engine damage.Failed idler pulley

The timing belt was done by another workshop only 40,000 km’s ago but obviously only replaced the timing belt not the whole kit which includes idler pulleys !

As you can see the idler pulley bearing has collapsed causing timing belt failure and is now costing the client lots of money as it has also cause internal damage to the engine.

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failed timing belt

failed timing belt and waterpump











Certegy Ezi-Pay Now Available


Auto Stop Mechanical Brisbane and Gold Coast now offers Interest FREE Finance with Certegy Ezi-Pay.

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Diesel Diagnostics Certified 2016.2

Auto Stop Technicians have just completed the latest Diesel Diagnostic Course

The Auto Tech Master Class Diesel Diagnostic 2016.2 was training for master technicians like the teams at Auto Stop Brisbane and Auto Stop Gold coast.Masterclass 2016.2

The technicians are now up to speed with all things diesel injection related from diagnostics to repairs.

The main topics covered during this extensive course included;

  • Insight into new diesel injection systems, their key diagnostic procedures and the possible future issues and the correct service procedures that will help reduce costs to the vehicle owners.
  • Diesel exhausts and after treatments servicing, maintenance & components including;
    DOC – Diesel Oxidisation Catalyst
    DPF – Diesel Particulate Filters
    SCR – Selective Catalyst Reduction
    NOX Catalysts (Lean NOX Trap or LNT)
    Hydrogen Sulphide H2S Catalyst
  • SCV – Suction Control Valves advance diagnostics
    diagnosing with oscilloscope & scan tools
    detail inspection procedure
    SCV Fuel Flow testing
  • Common Rail Diesel exhaust smoke diagnostics, including Fuel Rail Pressure Relief Valves, EGT – Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensors, Differential Pressure Sensor Hoses, Fuel Return Pressures.

Don’t risk expensive repairs & unreliability of your diesel vehicle.

Call an Auto Stop Technicians when your vehicle needs to be serviced and have maintenance done properly.

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Winter Safe Driving Tips

Winter driving can be more dangerous than most other times of the year, so it is important to make sure that your car is in peak condition to deal with the changing and challenging conditions of our great country.poor wipers means poor vision

Clear Vision

Your cars wipers are extremely important & need to be replaced regularly. Your wiper blades are exposed to the Australian sun all year round, perishing and wearing out. A good quality wiper blade is vital to clearer vision regardless of the weather.

Good Grip

The grip your car has on the road relys on more than just good tyres. Yes your tyres are critical, make sure your tyres have;

  • good tread depth across the complete tyre width with a minimum of 3mm especially in wet weather.
  • correct tyre pressures, check your cars tyre placard for the recommended tyre pressures.
  • wheel alignment and wheel balance is very important on how well your tyres wear and the traction they offer

How effectively your tyres stay connected to the road also relys heavily on your cars;

  • suspension is important to the amount of traction gained by tyres and this can be easily check on our Safe-T-Stop testing machine.
  • your car’s ability to brake effectively & evenly is another important safety aspect that we check on our Safe-T-Stop testing machine.
  • the way your car turning is critical in keeping traction while cornering and in slippery conditions even the slightest changing directions requires the best grip that can be achievedSafe-T-Stop Authorised Brake Steering & Suspension Testing Centre

Auto Stop Mechanical Safety Check are included with all our Complete & Log Book Services

The safety of you and your family should not be left to chance. Don’t find out in an emergency that you could have done more.

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Issues with Nissan YD25 EGR Coolers

Issues with Nissan EGR Cooler corroded or split and leaking coolant

Effected Vehicles:

  • Nissan Navara D22 & D40 with 2.5 Turbo Diesel Engine YD25DDTI
  • Nissan Pathfinder R51 with Turbo Diesel Engine YD25DDTI 2.5Nissan EGR Cooler

There are more & more issues with the EGR coolers in the YD25 Nissan engines. The EGR coolers suffer from coolant leaks due to corrosion or split. This is due to the high temperature of the exhaust/EGR system the coolant loss is usually undetected as the coolant evaporates, rather than leaving a visible puddle of coolant on the ground. So if the cooling system goes unchecked the engine will run dry and may cause overheating and then require major engine repairs.

To fix the leaking EGR problem, some people elect to carry out a bypass of the EGR system. This is done by disconnecting the coolant flow to the EGR cooler & using blanking plates on both the exhaust and inlet manifold.  It seems from all reports that this is an effective fix however Auto Stop Mechanical Repairs doesn’t recommend this because removing the EGR will alter the vehicle’s emissions levels & render the vehicle unroadworthy.

Auto Stop Mechanical suggest that by simply checking the coolant levels regularly. If you notice a drop in the coolant level, then get the cooling system checked, including checking for stains around the EGR pipe and cooler area.

It is important to catch the problem early and rectifying the issue, as this can save you thousands in engine or cylinder head repairs if the engine overheats.  If you suspect leaking of the EGR cooler, give us a call, we will check the cooling system and put your mind at ease.

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Lack of Servicing Causes Expensive Engine Damage

Many people believe it is not important to have their vehicle serviced regularly.

One of our customers found themselves in a situation that should make everyone reconsider the importance of regular servicing of their motor vehicle.carboned up piston rings

Due to not servicing his vehicle regularly enough, the engine suffered from low compression which was caused by a build up of carbon deposits on the piston rings. Which was mainly due to running an engine for too long on old oil.

Earlier this year the customer can to us wanting a service on his Hyundai Getz. The 4 cylinder had a service at 30,000km and it now had done 51,000 kms. While carrying out the service we noticed that it had low compression due to the carbon deposits on the piston rings. See the picture.

The engine damage was a direct result of the engine not having an oil change in 30,000 kms. This resulted in a complete engine dismantled and rebuild which cost the customer in excess of $4,000.00. If more regular oil changes been done this damage would not have occurred & the customer would only have been up for the cost the services, which is no were near as costly.

Most manufactures maximum service intervals are 10,000km or 15,000km in normal driving conditions. And an intermediate service is recommended between this service for all vehicles driving that are used mainly on short trips were the engine hardly gets to operating temperature or around town driving & short motorway runs. So rule of thumb is that it is beat to book in for a service every 5,000km. An oil & filter are cheap compared to the alternative of a engine repair.

How long has it been since your last service? You might not have experienced any real difference with the performance of your vehicle. This is normal with gradual deterioration of the engines efficiency, the damage to the vehicles essential components has already started.

Don’t keep putting it off until it’s too late!

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FREE Mist Service for Healthier Motoring

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Bacteria In Your Car is a Health Hazard watch video below

Cars can be the moldiest forms of transportation, this can be rectified with a Mist Service.

Have you ever thought about the air you’re breathing?  Your car’s ventilation system is a breeding ground for a wide variety of microorganisms including mold, bacteria and germs. Every time the fan is turned on, harmful spores are blown into the air drivers and passengers breathe.

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