Australian Member DPF Doctor

Auto Stop Lead The Way In DPF Cleaning

On average 33% of total new vehicle sales in Australia are diesel. Unfortunately in Australia, and the rest of the world, diesel sales are slowly declining due to manufacturers dropping the variants from their line-up. Despite carmakers ditching their diesel variants, one in six Australian drivers is behind the wheel of a diesel-powered car.

At Auto Stop, we see time and time again that one of the biggest issues with diesel vehicles is their Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) blocking and causing headaches for owners. If they are not cleaned correctly they can lead to a costly repair or replacement.

Fortunately for Auto Stop, we have extensive experience in dealing with DPFs and are well skilled in the assessment, cleaning and unblocking of them. We are always at the forefront of assessing diesel issues and ensuring that our customers have peace of mind knowing that when there is an issue with their vehicle that we can diagnose and fix the issue.

To add to our line-up of accolades, Auto Stop are proud to announce that we have joined Australia’s leading network of independent DPF Specialists – The DPF Doctor. As a member of the association we have received specialist DPF training with industry leaders and are amongst 134 specialists members in the world who are highly skilled in DPF assessment and cleaning.

Many automotive technicians who do NOT know how to unblock a DPF will suggest to replace it. DPF replacement prices are extremely costly and can cost diesel vehicle owners thousands of dollars to replace. A much more efficient and cost effective option is to assess the blockage of the DPF and then clean it correctly so that it operates as good as new.

At Auto Stop the DPF cleaning process that we carry out uses specialist chemicals to clear the blocked DPF. We only do this service AFTER the root cause of the DPF blockage has been repaired otherwise the DPF would quickly block up again. Our industry leading DPF assessment is the most important part of diagnosing all DPF issues as it allows us to find the direct cause of any DPF problems. By carrying out proven testing procedures we identify any underlying issues without any guesswork. By addressing the root cause of the problem, we can then repair the vehicle successfully and provide a first time fix. When we have repaired the vehicle we will then monitor the vehicle on an extended road test to verify that the vehicle can now take care of itself and regenerate (self-cleaning process) successfully.

All DPFs should be self-cleaning and should take care of themselves. If you notice your DPF is not cleaning itself, or is problematic, then it’s time to see a DPF cleaning specialist like Auto Stop to get to the bottom of the issue.

For all DPF assessments and cleaning service enquiries, contact our DPF specialists at Auto Stop today.