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If you’re looking for Gold Coast experts to restore or repair your headlights, then you’ve come to the right place! Welcome to Auto Stop. We’re here to give customers the absolute best service when it comes to getting your headlights restored.

Auto Stop are one of Gold Coast’s most trusted and widely respected headlight restoration specialists. With 35 years in the industry, its easy to see why Auto Stop are the trade preference for quality headlight restoration and repairs.

Over many decades of repairing and replacing headlights for all vehicle kinds we have built an outstanding reputation based on leading expertise, the most advanced machinery and superior customer service.

We are dedicated to providing the most affordable, quality and professional headlight restoration and repair service available. With a team of highly qualified, experienced and certified staff, industry-leading tools and equipment as well as a growing network of international premium part suppliers, Auto Stop has the expert advice and solutions for all your automotive repair needs.

We are extremely proud of the expert headlight restoration, repair or replacement service we offer. Our customers have peace of mind knowing their headlights are in the hands of professionals who go the extra mile to ensure they get the best job done at the best price.

We are encouraging all customers to enquire about our headlight repair / restoration service in our Auto Stop Gold Coast (Arundel) automotive service and repair centre. To get a FREE No Obligation Quote on repairing or restoring your headlights please fill out the enquiry form below.

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Why Auto Stop Are The #1 Headlight Restoration Choice In The Gold Coast

We take pride in our service, and our customers love it. Here’s why having Auto Stop as your headlight restoration experts is the #1 choice.

Headlight Restoration

We have repaired and restored headlights for all makes and models. We know headlight restoration like the back of our hands and give our customer’s peace of mind knowing they are working with experts who know exactly what to do right the first time.

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We make life easy for you. Ask about our courtesy car options available.

Price Leading
Repair and Service

Our affordable car service plans accomodate all budgets. Whether it’s our Bronze, Silver or Gold Class service there is a car service plan to suit your budget and service requirements.

Catering For All Small,
Large, 4WD and AWD Vehicles

Our highly trained technicians service all makes and models. We have Dealership Equivalent Diagnostics to diagnose and evaluate your vehicles electronic and mechanical controls providing you with a first class quality and professional service.

Industry Leading Diagnostic
Tools and Automotive Equipment

We’ve invested in industry leading state of the art equipment to diagnose, service
and repair your vehicle. We invest in the best so your vehicle gets the best.

REPCO Authorised and
RACQ Approved

Auto Stop are an authorised Repco Auto Service Centre, Members of the MTAQ Motor Traders Association of Queensland and are RACQ Approved Repairers. As well as the area’s only Safe-T-Stop Authorised Test Centres.



For a LIMITED TIME ONLY Auto Stop are giving you the opportunity to experience the headlight restoration difference at Auto Stop.

We’ll take your headlights from looking old, tired and faded to looking like they’ve just come off the showroom floor. A complete restoration service that will make your headlights look not only clean and new, but will also improve its overall headlight performance.

Take advantage of our VEHICLE HEADLIGHT RESTORATION OFFER and book in your headlight restoration with us.

Headlight Restoration Before And After

We are giving all customers the opportunity to book a VEHICLE HEADLIGHT RESTORATION service at our Gold Coast (Arundel) automotive service and repair centre. To enquire about this offer, please complete the HEADLIGHT RESTORATION OFFER form provided. 

Once you have completed the form, our team will contact you to discuss the offer and give you details on our headlight restoration service.

Our headlight restoration service includes:

  • Reduce the number of scratches and swirls in the headlight lens
  • Remove discoloured layers of film that have built up on the lens
  • Fully restore the overall look of the headlight to get it back to its former beauty
  • Apply high quality specialist UV protective sealant to the headlight lens and coat for future protection

We’ve provided headlight restorations for pretty much every make and model vehicle there is. We have an advanced headlight restoration method which is designed to restore your headlights as well as protect them from future fading and deterioration. Our comprehensive service, experience and pricing model allows our customers to get the best service for the best price.

Take advantage of our headlight restoration offer today. 

We look forward to talking with you soon!

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When headlights start to get old and develop a layer of film on them they can not only look unattractive, but they can become a hazard (as the functionality of them is compromised). In fact, faded headlights are deemed unsafe and depending on the level of fade can be illegal, and as a result, would not pass a road worthy safety certificate in the state of Queensland, Australia.

The good news is that faded headlights do not need to be fully replaced. There is a solution which can bring them back to their former glory which will only cost a fraction of purchasing replacement headlights.

This solution is known as “headlight restoration” which is a service that Auto Stop specialises in. Our headlight restoration service has been created to:

  • Bring back the life and look of the headlight
  • Improve its performance (allowing more light to come through the lens)
  • Save the customer money (by not having to purchase replacement headlights)

But when is a good time to restore your headlights? The best way to know when its time to restore your headlights is:

  • When the front of the headlight is starting to look an off white or yellow colour
  • When its not fully visible to see directly through the lens into the headlight itself
  • When the colour of your lights that beam from the headlight are dull and faded

If you do notice any of the above, it’s time to call headlight restoration specialists to restore your headlights to the state they deserve to be in. Auto Stop has seen all kinds of headlights in need of restoring and can tell you at first glance whether your headlight needs repairing, restoring or even replacement. Even if we don’t see your vehicle we can ask you a range of questions to give you an accurate idea as to whether or not it needs repairing, restoring or replacement.

Gold Coast and surrounding suburbs are commonly impacted by harsh sunshine and weather conditions which makes headlight fading and deterioration a common occurrence. Because the majority of headlights are plastic, they are easily damaged but they are also easy to restore. For the glass type headlights it is more common for them to crack or chip (as opposed to fade). Regardless of the material type of your headlight, there are options to restore them.

Take advantage of Auto Stop’s headlight restoration service.

To get a FREE No Obligation Quote on repairing or restoring your headlights please fill out the enquiry form below.

We look forward to talking with you soon!

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From Helensvale (F1 Motorway) travel along Gold Coast Hwy and turn right at the Bunnings traffic lights. Follow Brisbane Rd (service road) away from Bunnings. Take the 3rd street on the right Gibbs St and we are 100m on the right.

From the broadwater, Olsen Ave or Oxley Dr, travel west on Gold Coast Hwy (Brisbane Rd) so Harbourtown is on your right. Turn left at the lights toward JSW (Jet Sky Warehose) and directly right onto Brisbane Rd, Service Rd. Take the 2nd on the left Gibbs St and we are 100m on your right.