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If you’re looking for Brisbane experts to clean your DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter), then you’ve come to the right place! Welcome to Auto Stop. We’re here to give customers the absolute best service when it comes to getting your DPF cleaned.

Auto Stop are one of Brisbane’s most trusted and widely respected DPF cleaning specialists. With 35 years in the industry, it’s easy to see why Auto Stop are the trade preference for quality DPF cleaning as well as DPF replacement.

Over many decades of cleaning, repairing and replacing DPFs for all diesel vehicle brands we have built an outstanding reputation based on leading expertise, the most advanced machinery and superior customer service.

We are dedicated to providing the most affordable, quality and professional DPF cleaning service available. With a team of highly qualified, experience and certified staff, industry-leading tools and equipment as well as a growing network of international premium part suppliers, Auto Stop has the expert advice and solutions for all your automotive repair needs.

We are extremely proud of the expert DPF cleaning, repair and replacement service we offer. Our customers have peace of mind knowing their DPF is in the hands of professionals who go the extra mile to ensure they get the best job done at the best price.

We are encouraging all customers to enquire about our DPF cleaning service in our Auto Stop Brisbane (Salisbury) automotive service and repair centre. To get a FREE No Obligation Quote on cleaning your diesel particulate filter (DPF) please fill out the enquiry form below.

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Why Auto Stop Are The #1 DPF Cleaning Choice In Brisbane

We take pride in our service, and our customers love it. Here’s why having Auto Stop as your DPF cleaning experts is the #1 choice.

DPF Cleaning

We have cleaned, repaired and replaced diesel particulate filters (DPFs) for all diesel makes and models. We know DPF cleaning like the back of our hands and give our customer’s peace of mind knowing they are working with experts who know exactly what to do right the first time.

DPF Doctors

We have joined Australia’s leading network of independent DPF Specialists – The DPF Doctor. As a member of the association we have received specialist DPF training with industry leaders and are amongst 134 specialists members in the world who are highly skilled in DPF assessment and cleaning

Price Leading
Cleaning, Repairs Or Replacement Services

Our affordable dpf cleaning is the best option for those not wanting to replace their entire DPF. We provide an affordable, comprehensive and professional DPF cleaning service.

Catering For All Diesel,
Vehicles With A DPF

Our highly trained technicians clean DPFs for all diesel makes and models. We have industry leading DPF equipment and industry knowledge to provide you with a first class quality and professional DPF cleaning service.

Courtesy Cars

We make life easy for you. Ask about our courtesy car options available.

REPCO Authorised and
RACQ Approved

Auto Stop are an authorised Repco Auto Service Centre, Members of the MTAQ Motor Traders Association of Queensland and are RACQ Approved Repairers. As well as the area’s only Safe-T-Stop Authorised Test Centres.



We’ve provided DPF cleaning services for pretty much every diesel make and model vehicle there is. Our comprehensive service, experience and pricing model allows our customers to get the best service for the best price.

Simply complete the contact form provide to get a FREE Quote for DPF cleaning on your vehicle. 

Once you have completed the form, our team will contact you with a customised quote based on the information you provide in the form. We recommend to put in as much details in the form as you can to help us with our quote.

We look forward to talking with you soon!

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REPCO authorised service Brisbane
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A Diesel Particulate Filter (also known as a ‘DPF’) is filter that has been designed to trap and capture soot that is located in the exhaust. The goal of the DPF is to avoid the soot from being pumped out into the atmosphere.

Ideally, a DPF should reduce a diesel’s particle emissions by up to 80% during rapid stop and start driving conditions.

A DPF is a significant component that is important for emission regulations to be met. You will also find that diesel vehicles may also have catalytic converters and the catalytic converter is placed after the DPF in the exhaust system. This is done so that the soot that has already passed through the DPF can then be converted into gases that are deemed as less impactful to the environment.

It is common to find that the DPF fills up quickly with these soots. You will find that over time the soot particles will build up and the DPF will aim to clean itself during a process called ‘regeneration’. This process is to try and clean out the trapped soot and burn it off to avoid replacing the filter. It can only happen though if the DPF reaches a temperature capable of burning away the soot particles.

Diesel Particulate Filter Diagram

The DPF burning process happens in 2 ways. These include:

Passive regeneration:
When driven at speed for a reasonable period (for example, driving on the motorway) the temperature of the exhaust becomes high enough for the passive regeneration burn to take place.

Active regeneration:
Is for those who don’t actively commute on motorways on a daily basis and the vehicle’s ECU detects that a regeneration burn needs to happen and will proceed to do this by changing the temperature of the exhaust by adjusting the amount of fuel being burnt in the engine.

This process is very important for the environment and for your vehicle’s efficiency. There are times where the DPF blocks due to the build up of too much soot and the regeneration process stops.

It is important to ensure that your DPF is working to an optimal level and it does not block. Fortunately, instead of repairing, or replacing your DPF an affordable option is to clean the DPF.

Auto Stop are specialists in DPF cleaning and can help with this service.


It is recommended to clean your DPF when:

  • Your DLF warning light does not go off
  • Your vehicle manufacturer recommends to clean it periodically
  • There are symptoms that the DPF is blocked
  • There are visible signs of excessive soot and grime around the DPF and exhaust

Symptoms of a blocked DPF are:

  • Large amount of exhaust fumes emitting from the back
  • Loss in fuel efficiency
  • DPF warning lights on your dashboard appearing
DPF Cleaning


At Auto Stop we use a very specific DPF cleaning process.

Prior to any cleaning we ensure we provide a full assessment of your DPF. This is necessary prior to cleaning as there are many cases where cleaning the DPF is not an effective option.

There is no guesswork with our DPF cleaning service. Our industry leading DPF Assessment is the most critical part of our job and allows us to find the cause of your DPF problems. We carry out out proven testing procedures so that we can identify any underlying issues straight away.

If your DPF is in need of a clean, we conduct our DPF cleaning process. It’s a comprehensive but very professional and effective service saving our customers money and providing value for their vehicle and its DPF to operate at an optimum level.

Part of our DPF cleaning process is to use specialist chemicals and tools to clear excessively blocked DPF’s. This procedure is only carried out after the root cause of the DPF blockage has been identified or repaired. We provide a full cleaning, repair or replacement service depending on the condition and problem related to the DPF.

Leave DPF cleaning to the professionals. Call Auto Stop today to discuss any DPF cleaning enquiries.

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