Cabin pollen air filters are the 1st part of giving you cleaner air in your car

Spring will soon be in the air, with all the joys of longer days, warmer weather and beautiful flowers in bloom. For an allergy sufferer, it also heralds a season when eyes itch, noses snuffle and stuffy headaches begin!

In our last Repco Service newsletter we spoke about the dangers of bacteria growing in your air conditioning vent system due to moist conditions. With Spring now on us we thought it was timely to remind you that there is another line of defence against asthma and allergies in your car; your cabin air filter.

Cabin air filters are found in most model cars and are designed to catch small particles of dust, pollen and other contaminants before they enter your car. Like any filter, they are prone to clogging and should be changed at regular service intervals to make sure that the air inside your car is as clean as it can be, protecting you and your family.

Ryco have a new range of Cabin Air filters that is exclusive to them in Australia. These new filters provide even higher levels of protection from minute particles than ever before. Ask us today which Cabin Air Filter is right for your car.

Part 2
To also have bacteria FREE and healthier air in the cabin of your car we recommend increasing the purity of the air by having a Mist Service that sanitises the air coming into the car’s cabin.

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