Auto Stop Technicians have just completed the latest Diesel Diagnostic Course

The Auto Tech Master Class Diesel Diagnostic 2016.2 was training for master technicians like the teams at Auto Stop Brisbane and Auto Stop Gold coast.

The technicians are now up to speed with all things diesel injection related from diagnostics to repairs.

The main topics covered during this extensive course included;

  • Insight into new diesel injection systems, their key diagnostic procedures and the possible future issues and the correct service procedures that will help reduce costs to the vehicle owners.
  • Diesel exhausts and after treatments servicing, maintenance and components including;
    DOC – Diesel Oxidisation Catalyst
    DPF – Diesel Particulate Filters
    SCR – Selective Catalyst Reduction
    NOX Catalysts (Lean NOX Trap or LNT)
    Hydrogen Sulphide H2S Catalyst
  • SCV – Suction Control Valves advance diagnostics
    diagnosing with oscilloscope and scan tools
    detail inspection procedure
    SCV Fuel Flow testing
  • Common Rail Diesel exhaust smoke diagnostics, including Fuel Rail Pressure Relief Valves, EGT – Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensors, Differential Pressure Sensor Hoses, Fuel Return Pressures.

Don’t risk expensive repairs and unreliability of your diesel vehicle.

Call an Auto Stop Technicians when your vehicle needs to be serviced and have maintenance done properly.

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