Electric Power Steering Knock

Electric Power Steering issue on Hyundai 2009 with 60,000kmHyundai i30

Recently we had a customer come in, frustrated that they had been to 4 other workshops to fix the knock in the steering. The knock was present when you turn the steering wheel from left to right or right to left. The car owner either didn’t receive a convincing explanation or a solution from the other mechanics or the other repairs didn’t know or want to know about the issue the car was having.

Vehicle – Hyundai i30 2009 model, which had done 60,000km

Fault – The steering had a noticeable knocking when turning left and right, you could feel it through the steering column.

Cause – The flexible coupling within the electronic power steering motor has completely failed and was causing slop in the motor.

Remedy – Removed dash panels, removed steering column assembly. Dismantled the power steer motor assembly, replaced the coupling and reassembled steering column in vehicle.

Hyundai i30 steering coupling


Time – The total job takes approx 3 hours

Note – This is a common problem and parts to repair are readily available.

Caution – As a vehicle’s steering is a very important part of a vehicle & can cause huge safety issues if not done properly, it is recommended;

  • Get this problem fixed as soon as you notice any noise or excessive movement.
  • Do NOT try and do this yourself, get it done by a professional Auto Technician like the team at Auto Stop Mechanical Repairs.


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Hyundai i30 removal of steering column assembly

Hyundai i30 steering column removed


Hyundai i30 electric power steering column assembly

Hyundai i30 steering assy


Hyundai i30 electric power steering motor dismantled

Hyundai i30 steering motor dismantled