Repco Authorised Service Winter Newsletter 2014 part 2

What is the one item on your car that you don’t think of until you need it?

That’s right, the windscreen wiper system!

We’ve all been there, the first rain of the season falls and we reach for the switch only to find that instead of a clean, clear windscreen we now have dirty smeared one that is worse than the rain.

Wiper blades are constantly exposed to the extremes of Australian weather and are susceptible to cracking and degrading just like any component. Sometimes simply replacing the blades with a quality product such as Trico will have you seeing your way clear again. However, in many cases the entire blade assembly will be worn out meaning that even with a new refill, you still won’t fix the problem.

A major function of the wiper assembly is to keep your wiper blades firmly against the windscreen. If it is no longer performing at its peak, we recommend that the entire assembly be replaced. This will help you safely see the road in all conditions.

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