Automotive service professional, speedy and no less than exceptional!

Here is a testimonial from a happy Mercedes Benz owner.

We used our years of experience and in this case we also used the latest in Automotive Diagnostic Equipment for European vehicles

This is why Auto Stop is Brisbane’s One Stop Automotive Service and Repair Shop!

I sent my Mercedes E240 to you guys about a month ago to have an electrical fault in the transmission looked at.

Your service was professional, speedy and no less than exceptional! I am no sure how much a dealer would have charged me, but I am assuming that you were also very competitive 🙂

Then, I received a letter in the mail thanking me for my custom. Very impressed…

I have worked in Marketing for 6 years and although I have sent out direct mail campaigns similar to this, it is the first time I have been directly targeted in such a personal way.

Thanks again for fixin’ my Benz… Whilst ever I am in Brisbane, you definitely have my support!”