Everyday we see vehicles that don’t get serviced regularly enough.

Picture is an oil filter element out of a late model BMW that came to us just after the  Service Light came on.

If this the oil filter what other wear and damage has happened within the engine, how much shorter is this engines light?

Many people think if they get there vehicle serviced at the manufactures recommendation (log book) period that is the best for their vehicle!!

The fact is the manufactures recommendation is ‘service DUE By ….’.  We call it ….. best before!!

However most people bring their vehicle in for a service well after the due kilometers or after the due time.

Many vehicle manufacture’s log books have service interval that is recommended on or before 10,000km and some have stretched that to  15,000km and then they have an intermediate service. Other vehicle manufactures allow the engine management system to calculate the next service and will bring on a service light which could be a ridiculous time between services.

We recommend that you service your vehicle every 5,000km or 3 months.  Many people say that that is only for adverse or harsh driving condition. Yes that is right Intermediate services is for people that want to keep they vehicle and engine better for longer and be more reliable.

Vehicle Manufactures recommend that Intermittent services be carried out for vehicles that operate under harsh conditions.

Harsh operating conditions includes;

  • Vehicles that are started and driven without being warmed up fully before driving
  • Vehicles that are just driven around town or short runs
  • Vehicles that don’t use premium oils or fuels
  • Vehicles that hardly get driven
  • Vehicles that operate the majority of the time at a constant engine speed, like vehicle that just run up and down the motor way.

So basically every vehicle operates in harsh conditions.

Your vehicle is one of the most expensive assets you own. By looking after your investment, better, is a smart option.