Auto Stop Mechanical Tip – Turbocharged Engines and Servicin

Turbocharged engines were once restricted to high powered sports cars but now most manufacturers offer a wide range of turbo models.
Turbocharged engines are fantastic for drivers as they deliver more power in smaller, lighter engines. One benefit is that if a driver doesn’t need the extra power, they don’t have to use it, meaning that fuel economy is increased, saving money on fuel.

However, did you know that oil change intervals in a turbocharged engine are shorter than a traditional engine? This is because a turbo spins at a very high speed and this combined with the heat of exhaust gases and a smaller opening to the bearing housing accelerates oxidation in the oil. When the engine is turned off, temperatures inside the turbo bearing housing can rise to the point where a crusty black deposit called coke can form, causing expensive damage.

Not to mention that extending service intervals can lead to sludge and a decrease of efficiency and life of the engine over all. Read more about ‘Is oil sludge killing your engine’

It is also very important to make sure the right oil is used in your engine at all times. Using the incorrect oil can cause significant damage to your engine. Your local Repco Authorised Service centre is qualified to advise you on the right quality oil for your car.