Auto Facts Exhausts and Catalytic Convertors

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Exhausts and Catalytic ConvertorsCat for cat converter

Pictured right is one type of Cat Converter – Sure, the “Cat Converting” costume is cute, but won’t help you save money or the environment!

Then there is this one… Your cars Catalytic Converter
Not as cute we grant you, but very important when it comes to saving you money and helping the environment. Often referred to as the “Cat Converter”, this part of your car is properly known as a Catalytic Converter.   This important bit of your engine is designed convert toxic gases into more environmentally friendly by-products.

The Catalytic Converter works with the exhaust system. These two items work to reduce emissions and noise pollution being released into the environment. A properly functioning catalytic converter is part of the system that maintains efficiency and can help reduce your fuel costs.