Auto Stop Launches An Automotive Hardship Package For Brisbane & Gold Coast Locals

As the world and Australia battles the biggest pandemic of the modern century, we all are left wondering what the impacts will be on our lives and the future of what our lives look like.

It is during these tough times that Australian’s need to band together to help each other out and ensure that we all get through all the challenges and tough times that we are faced with.

At Auto Stop we pride ourselves on the relationship and high quality of service we provide our customers. We want to extend our service to all Brisbane and Gold Coast locals and offer a Hardship Package to anyone who is need of assistance with the safety of their vehicle.

Our Auto Stop Automotive Hardship Package Includes:

    Includes photos, full body and mechanical analysis and a findings report of your vehicle.
    This includes checking all levels of your gearbox, automatics, engine, coolant, brake fluid and so on.
    We’ll check the levels of your battery and alternator to see what level of life they have and their life expectancy rate.
    If you have an engine light or ABS stability light that is currently on, we will perform a full diagnostic code test.
    We know right now you are suffering and we want to make it easy to get your vehicle up to scratch. Talk to us about payment plans, special offers and current pricing to make life easy for you.

We are taking these situations very seriously and want to ensure our customers that we are working with the highest of safety standards during this time.

Our safety measures include:

  • No human contact needed for the delivery and drop off of your vehicle. You can leave the vehicle at our premises and leave the keys at a special holding place out of distance of our staff.
  • All keys are cleaned and handled with gloves and protective gear.
  • All work conducted on the vehicle is done by our licensed technicians who will be equipped with the highest safety and precautionary equipment and gear.

Now more than ever before is the time to ensure that we are embracing safety right across everything we do.

As we brace ourselves for lockdown we need to have peace of mind knowing that our vehicles are in the highest of safety standards that they can be. It is too great of a risk to have something happen to your vehicle during a time where it will be highly difficult for that vehicle to get fixed should something bad happen to it on the road while being driven.

It is Auto Stop’s mission that we make sure all vehicles are as safe as they possibly can be through these unprecedented difficult times.

To take advantage of our Hardship Package, please book your vehicle in for FREE today.

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