Proper Maintenance Can Save You Huge Expense.

inlet manifold blown apart

We recently had a vehicle towed in. The customer said it is hard to start can take 5 attempt, however he ignored the warning signs (hard to start).

Then the time he tried starting the car before it was towed in, the engine backfired, he said ‘Sounded like a bomb’ .

We got the vehicle an it had blown the inlet manifold apart, with bits of plastic everywhere. It also destroyed the starter motor as he was cranking the engine at the time of it backfiring.

Have a look at the condition of the spark plugs, the cause of being hard to start. It was obvious that the vehicle hadn’t been serviced properly.

spark plug worn out

V6 Engine valley without inlet manifold

We recommend that vehicle be served no later than manufactures recommendations, and to give you better and more reliable motoring, which can save you money, have your vehicle serviced more often, we suggest 5,000km or 3 months for most vehicles.

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