Cleaning Discoloured Headlights


B – Before
A – After

Most vehicles today have Polycarbonate (Plastic) Headlights and these are subject to discolouration due to sunlight, and road grime, this can also make your headlights become dull and also dangerous, but this can be cleaned without the task of replacing your headlights.

Restoration of Headlights

At Auto Stop Mechanical Repairs Brisbane and Gold Coast we use and recommend a headlight restoration treatment process that firstly polishes the Polycarbonate lens, then a treatment is sprayed on and headed up to make the headlight lens look new or near new again.

For Safety Sake

The better you can see at night and the better other drivers, cyclists and pedestrians can see you in the dark or when it is rainy, foggy the safer we all are,

If you would have faded headlights, for safety sake book in today to have them restored to give you better night vision