Auto Stop Brisbane and Auto Stop Gold Coast,

As your Repco Authorised Service Centre Brisbane and Repco Authorised Service Centre Gold Coast would like to make you aware of keeping your cool this summer

Being stuck on the side of the road with steam pouring from under the hood is no way to spend a part of any day, let alone your summer holiday!
A fully functioning, efficient cooling system circulates coolant to reduce heat around your engine and is essential in preventing overheating and reducing wear and tear on expensive engine components. Spotting a problem with your cooling system can be difficult for a driver, however if your dashboard shows your car is running hotter than normal, or you are leaving puddles of coolant wherever you park, it is time to have your cooling system checked and flushed.
Our trained and experienced mechanics can flush your radiator using a special solution to clean and remove build-up. When the process is complete, the cleaning solution is drained and new coolant is added. We recommend that your radiator is flushed every year. If you would like to know more about radiator flush, visit to view our Auto Facts Videos.

With modern cars it is important that the right coolant for your specific model is used. Topping up your coolant with whatever you happen to have handy in the garage can cause more harm than good! Repco Authorised Service use and recommend Penrite coolants that are designed for Australian conditions and approved by vehicle manufacturers.

If you suspect your radiator or cooling system is struggling, call or book online with Auto Stop today.