Many people believe it is not important to have their vehicle serviced regularly.

One of our customers found themselves in a situation that should make everyone reconsider the importance of regular servicing of their motor vehicle.

Due to not servicing his vehicle regularly enough, the engine suffered from low compression which was caused by a build up of carbon deposits on the piston rings. Which was mainly due to running an engine for too long on old oil.

Earlier this year the customer can to us wanting a service on his Hyundai Getz. The 4 cylinder had a service at 30,000km and it now had done 51,000 kms. While carrying out the service we noticed that it had low compression due to the carbon deposits on the piston rings. See the picture.

The engine damage was a direct result of the engine not having an oil change in 30,000 kms. This resulted in a complete engine dismantled and rebuild which cost the customer in excess of $4,000.00. If more regular oil changes been done this damage would not have occurred and the customer would only have been up for the cost the services, which is no were near as costly.

Most manufactures maximum service intervals are 10,000km or 15,000km in normal driving conditions. And an intermediate service is recommended between this service for all vehicles driving that are used mainly on short trips were the engine hardly gets to operating temperature or around town driving and short motorway runs. So rule of thumb is that it is beat to book in for a service every 5,000km. An oil and filter are cheap compared to the alternative of a engine repair.

How long has it been since your last service? You might not have experienced any real difference with the performance of your vehicle. This is normal with gradual deterioration of the engines efficiency, the damage to the vehicles essential components has already started.

Don’t keep putting it off until it’s too late!

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