Buying a New Car?

You know that we can carry out log book servicing on your new car, but did you know that we can also help you when you are looking for a used one? Auto Stop can carry out a pre purchase comprehensive vehicle condition report on any used vehicle that you are interested in, giving you a full written report and peace of mind.

Tips when looking for a used vehicle:

  • Do your research: Online car sales sites can give you an accurate idea of what a vehicle is worth through car yards and private sales
  • Inspect the vehicle on a clear, dry day, out of the shade so you can see any defects or imperfections
  • Check with authorities that it is not a stolen vehicle, that there is not money owed on the vehicle and that is has not been written off
  • Check the vehicles log book for service details
  • Check tyres for uneven wear – could be sign of suspension or shock absorber problems
  • Do a visual check under the bonnet for leaks
  • Always test drive for a distance that you are comfortable with – 5 minutes or around

the block is not enough.

Remember, if the seller won’t allow you to have an independent pre purchase check done, unless you are confident of the safety of the vehicle, walk away. If you need any advice at all, please give us a call.