In September this year we invested in a new piece of equipment called SAFE-T-STOP.  The SAFE-T-STOP system tests your vehicle’s brakes and shock absorbers and provides you with a comprehensive report identifying any anomilies.  Our new piece of equipment will ensure safety and save you money.

This is our ongoing commitment to save you! 

How It Saves Lives
Faulty or wrongly adjusted brakes cause a vehicle to lose control in a brake emergency stop.  The SAFE-T-STOP test detects dangerous side to side and front to rear brake imbalances.  A vital safety aspect other testing methods miss.  It also checks weight distribution by weighing each corner of your vehicle.

How It Saves You Money
Are your tyres wearing prematurely?  Tyres are expensive and you are losing money by replacing them too early.  The SAFE-T-STOP test measures front and rear wheel alignment and shock absorber rebound and comfort.

How It Saves You Time
Are you too busy to be without your car?  Simply drive in to our SAFE-T-STOP service centre at 45 Flanders Street, Salisbury Qld to have you car’s safety performance evaluated – No Appointment Is Necessary