Winter driving can be more dangerous than most other times of the year, so it is important to make sure that your car is in peak condition to deal with the changing and challenging conditions of our great country.

Clear Vision

Your cars wipers are extremely important and need to be replaced regularly. Your wiper blades are exposed to the Australian sun all year round, perishing and wearing out. A good quality wiper blade is vital to clearer vision regardless of the weather.

Good Grip

The grip your car has on the road relys on more than just good tyres. Yes your tyres are critical, make sure your tyres have;

  • Good tread depth across the complete tyre width with a minimum of 3mm especially in wet weather.
  • Correct tyre pressures, check your cars tyre placard for the recommended tyre pressures.
  • Wheel alignment and wheel balance is very important on how well your tyres wear and the traction they offer

How effectively your tyres stay connected to the road also relys heavily on your cars;

  • Suspension is important to the amount of traction gained by tyres and this can be easily check on our Safe-T-Stop testing machine.
  • Your car’s ability to brake effectively and evenly is another important safety aspect that we check on our Safe-T-Stop testing machine.
  • The way your car turning is critical in keeping traction while cornering and in slippery conditions even the slightest changing directions requires the best grip that can be achieved

Auto Stop Mechanical Safety Check are included with all our Complete and Log Book Services
The safety of you and your family should not be left to chance. Don’t find out in an emergency that you could have done more.

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